New feature – Use your own affiliate codes

The first release of our social book sharing service was all about creating an ultra-simple way to link to a range of book vendors. It seems to be popular, so it’s time to press on with adding new features.

The first new feature is the ability to supply affiliate codes, if you like to, when you recommend a book. This can be useful if you recommend a lot of books, or just want to get a little bit of cash back if your friends buy a book after following your link.

Adding an affiliate code is also super simple. Just add one or more query parameters after the ISBN or ASIN. Each parameter consists of a short code for the vendor, and your affiliate code. As of this post, we support affiliate codes for the following vendors:

vendor shortname example azus azuk azca azde azfr azit azjp

As new vendors are added, the plan is to support affiliate codes in a similar way, wherever posssible.

Anyone know a quick and easy way to gather (and vote on?) feature suggestions?

I’m looking for a way to gather feature suggestions, thoughts and such from users and potential users about this project. I’m guessing this is a fairly common need, for start-up software in particular, but so far my web searching has not thrown up anything obvious.

I could write something to do it, but I don’t really want to get distracted by that right now. I’d rather press on with getting the main project in a good state to launch.

Any suggestions or experiences with doing this?